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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 12:26:22 PDT

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000, Jim Whitehead wrote:

--]So, what's your real beef here? Nielsen still has better hypertext UI
--]credentials than anyone else I can think of. Have you ever read any of his
--]research papers, Tom?

The UI stuff I read back in the day. It had its points, but none that were
not being exposued elsewhere.

His latter day crusade on the web is something that bears watching, and
thus I do. Im not sure how you do things in your neck of the woods, but i
actualy pay attention to the folks infesting the spaces around me. This
way when they raise thier warbly little heads I can layetht he smack down
with some of the good old Three I's... Intelligence ( i know from thier
own words the ways of thier lameness) Insight ( i place my self in thier
sorry little minds to see just what delusions they are) and Inspiration (i
get into way it is they are doing what they are doing)

JN is one of those blips on the radar. He seems to be the darling of every
substatndard "web designer" and "web manager". Knowing his stances only
helpsin knocking over their reguritated piles of BS.

So you see my real beef here is his insipid latter day desing decrees
creep into my work place now and again, so I make sure im armed to put the
rooti poo jabronis who mouth JNs words thru a table.

Credintials do a usefull perosn make. Saying not doing is the actions of
monkeys, unless your name is brewster, cause brewsters a flunkey.
(tip o the keyboard to de la my soul)


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