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From: Kragen Sitaker (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 13:07:31 PDT

I wrote:
> My experience with WAP so far is that no combination of expletives
> suffices to describe the deep unpleasantness of the user experience.
> I'm interested in hearing new combinations I hadn't yet considered,
> though, preferably from fellow sufferers.

In fact, I've been doing web browsing via my RIM pager; I send email
containing a 16-letter one-time password and shell commands (like 'lynx
-source > google; head -6000c google') to my account, and my
account executes them and sends the output back via email. This
experience is more pleasant than trying to browse the web via WAP on my
Motorola i1000plus, although it is not yet more efficient. (It will be
more efficient when I get around to finishing RIMfire so I can follow
links instead of extracting the URLs, writing them down on a piece of
paper, and sending them back in the next email.)

Perhaps this will convey the WAP user experience to the reader --- that
I prefer the above-described torture to my WAP phone.

Rohit and Adam discovered that in four out of five trials, randomly
driving around a neighborhood found businesses quicker than searching
on their WAP phones.

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