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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 13:57:08 PDT

The killer app *is and will always be* the same as it's always been:
          Internet Gaming

It's a huge silicon production movie house with a Beowulf
pack of 20,000 Playstation III's doing real time awesome renders of
real-time in house Internet gaming spray and playing the
whole virtual world out to millions of clients, instead of doing all the
high-gpu powered rendering at the client side.

Other that that,
It's the guy who's daydreaming of having video piped
into everywhere in his home so he doesn't miss a second
of his soccer match. More importantly, what is the bandwidth
going to give you that you don't have now? It's interactivity.
It's being able to purchase electronic items and not have
to store every single cdrom, dvd, book, videotape, phone message,
audio cassette, etc in your house/office. It's having every
single copy of Gilligan's Island on tape, except you
don't have to keep the lame ones around that you don't want
and don't feel guilty about not keeping them around as
you will always be able to get them back in an instant. It's having real and
full time access to your own personal copy backwards and forwards
every single time you need or want it. It's being able to securely
have bandwidth wasting full time status broadcasting of every
single thing in your house with a processor or not being constantly
updated, collected, filtered, and analzyed. It's being able to
talk to your girlfriend or wife at the other end of the house as if
they were right there next to you and being able to not talk to them
when you don't, or having her hold up a red or blue dress and
ask which one (or asking silly girl questions) from the other end
of the house. It's partitioning up the gigabit into segmented
little channels so that your microwave, tv, blender, coffee machine,
and fridge each have their own little personal broadcast and messaging channel that
only they're interested in such that they think the world revolves around
them and makes them feel self-important when their light blinkenlights
go on an off.


Jeff Bone wrote:
> Somebody asked me a really interesting question yesterday. What can you
> do with a gigabit to the home? In particular, what are the killer apps
> enabled by 3 orders of magnitude greater bandwidth than DSL?
> Thoughts appreciated,
> jb

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