Re: Big Beyond Belief.

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From: Gordon Mohr (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 19:29:36 PDT

> You know what would be cool? If there were some network out there that
> would let me register interest in the book "Big Beyond Belief", which
> then went out and notified any interested booksellers, headhunters,
> weighttrainers, etc, that I'm willing to pay sweet sweet dollars for the
> book, and then later one of them could notify me when they found the
> book and could make it available for sale to me. The problem is, I
> don't know who needs to know that I want this book, and likewise book
> publishers don't know who needs to know that the book is available. I
> do wish there were a company out there working on this problem.

Both of these allow you to specify what you want -- and rare books seem
a popular category -- and then let people who might have what you
want come to you. I suspect they both could use improvement, especially
in formalizing and automating the matching, but they're a start.

I haven't yet had any luck with the one request I've placed on each of
these services -- for copies of the "Army Man" humor zine mentioned in
the New Yorker article a few months back about George Meyer, one of the
lead Simpsons' writers. Apparently, Meyer put out about 3 issues during
the TV writers' strike in 1988, and a lot of the contributors later
went on to become writers for the Simpsons.

For me, the web won't be "complete" until the contents of those issues
are viewable somewhere!

- Gordon

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