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From: Rohit Khare (Rohit@KnowNow.com)
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 15:11:38 PDT

[there's an absolutely *priceless* "about" commercial off the home
page, but only in microsoft streaming media format. ]


eNow is a Los Angeles-based Internet technology and media start-up
that empowers users to connect with real-time global human
interaction and information as it unfolds anywhere on the Internet
and beyond. The company has created the world's first publicly
accessible online service for searching through the world of web and
media content in real time, helping Internet users experience the
immediacy of communication based on commonalities and shared

Founded in 1999, eNow has among its staff a group of business
professionals and developers who bring a wide range of expertise to
the company. Leading the company's strategic direction, CEO and
founder Edo Segal brings experience ranging from technology
programming to filmmaking to interactive design and marketing. He is
joined by CTO Dr. Oren Zamir, who holds a PhD in computer science and
is responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of eNow's
evolutionary technology. The team also includes General Manager Arik
Kopelman, who brings to eNow years of development and production
experience in interactive and educational CD-ROMs and other

The company's current investors and advisory board members include
some of the entertainment and technology industries' influential
leaders. To date, eNow has received more than $10 million in an
initial financing round led by Entertainment Media Ventures (EMV), a
leading high-tech venture capital firm headed by Sandy Climan, former
EVP at Universal Studios and senior executive at Creative Artists
Agency (CAA). Seed financing was supplied by CAP Ventures, headed by
Michael Anghel. In addition, eNow's advisory board includes Robert
Wynne, formerly COO of Sony Pictures; Paul Witt, one of Hollywood's
most established film and television producers; and Kevin Kelley,
editor-at-large of WIRED Magazine.

eNow's Inception

eNow's genesis stems from Edo Segal's desire to realize the
Internet's total communication potential as an aggregator of human
discourse and information. Segal was intrigued by the fact that there
are hundreds of thousands of information streams being consolidated
through the Internet. He saw the opportunity to create a technology
that can access all of this information as it emerges and making it
accessible to the Internet's exploding population. The purpose, as
suggested by the company name, is to bring people into the "now,"
empowering them to access information as it is generated.

Introducing ChatScan

eNow was invited to preview its first product, ChatScan, at DEMO, one
of the technology industry's most prestigious conferences. Funneling
the conversations of thousands of chat rooms, ChatScan empowers Web
users to scan chats in real-time. Users face no barrier for entry, no
technology learning curve and no registration process. The product
acts as the portal to the collective consciousness on the Web, and
allows users to observe or participate in conversations at their
discretion. For the first time, Internet surfers can, with the simple
click of a mouse, find the information and personal connection they
want, when they want it.

ChatScan is powered by the robust eNow engine, which uses a
distributed architecture and artificial intelligence to
simultaneously follow tens of thousands of public chat streams about
everything from dogs to dieting. eNow's proprietary engine is based
on patent-pending technologies that were developed after company
founder Edo Segal teamed up with Dr. Oren Zamir, eNow's CTO, as Dr.
Zamir was completing his PhD in rapid web search result clustering at
the University of Washington. eNow assembled a team of Web navigation
and software agent experts who saw the need for a real-time search
solution and began to develop the first commercially available
real-time data search engine.

ChatScan's development brings a new level of awareness to the
Internet. By choosing a pre-existing category or typing in a new
topic, users can select and scan the past several minutes of a chat's
history. They then choose whether to participate or move on, with one
click, to another chat that may better meet their needs. The
product's proprietary technology funnels chats through a powerful
kernel, scans the content and maintains a brief history of the
conversations to allow for user discretion. To participate in a chat,
a user simply enters a name and begins typing. Registration with eNow
is not required so a user can maintain his or her anonymity and still
benefit from the ideas and interaction hosted on the Net.

For more information contact:

Suzanne Sullivan/Heather Ailara
PepperCom, Inc. for eNow

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