Gravity's Rainbow

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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 17:44:11 PDT

As if WAP weighing down performance enough, releases a
color version. PNG support, 8-bit color images, users select
their own color preferences and the ability to run screen savers
on your phone. Now that's friendlier WAP if I've ever seen it., Inc. (Nasdaq:PHCM), a leading provider of mobile Internet
software, applications and services, today announced from the Unwired
Universe conference its newly released UP.BrowserŽ microbrowser v3.2
with support for color display. The UP.Browser v3.2 supports 8-bit
color images for advanced displays using portable network graphics
(PNG) format and allows users to select their own color preferences.
The color microbrowser also supports the ability to download images,
screen savers, and animation sequences that together provide a richer,
friendlier user experience with exciting entertainment capabilities.

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