Re: Suck To Moziila--Fuck Off and Die

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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 11:50:28 PDT

This is so bad; if I was Greg Knauss then I would be
embarrassed to put this out because it belies the non-technical
understanding of the author. It appears that the author is
evaluting the project by 1994 standards. Let's see,,, and half a dozen other open source
sites are ramping up big time; the browser was not and will
never be the end all of the desktop. Maybe the author didn't
realize that Web doesn't equal browser and there are upwards
of several dozen other projects and codebases.


Tom Whore wrote:
> Before the Body's Cold
> There comes a time when the only merciful thing to do is pull the plug.
> When the old-timer has been bloated and incontinent for as long as anybody
> can remember, it can only be considered an act of kindness to turn off the
> machines and let a dear friend finally breathe its last. So long, Mozilla,
> old chum sorry it had to come to this.0

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