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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 10:45:37 PDT

You guys just got arround to noticing napster is a split job?

On Sat, 5 Aug 2000, Adam Rifkin -4K wrote:
--]the *community* is important to you. Imagine an instant messaging
--]system where you can't chat with most of your buddies because the
--]fricking server farm can only support 5000 simultaneous connections.

On irc this is called a NetSplit. Its been a problem for over a
decade.Each new rev of the servers seems to fix parts of the split
problem. Now adadys a split will happen but merger takes places with
inminuets, not the half hours it used to take.

(also, there were lots of "fun" things you could do in a split sitiuation
that have been coded out:( )

As always its yet another case of "napster, why bother when theres xxxx to
be used"

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