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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 09:33:44 PDT

Ha, where were you guys 12 months ago? I vote we skip the contest
and give the money to Beberg's Venture. Gawd knows he could use the
entrepreneurial kick in the pants.


Eileen Cohen wrote:
> Hi FoRKers,
> This is meant as an informational post and not an ad -- please let me
> know if it isn't appropriate to the list. (The disclaimer being, that
> I'm helping to put this contest together. But I hope/expect that it's
> relevant.)
> IBM developerWorks Startup resources is sponsoring the Search for
> Entrepreneurial Spirit 2000 competition for those who are starting -- or
> thinking of starting -- their own technology company. First prize is an
> IBM ThinkPad and $20,000 with no strings attached (the idea being, it
> can be used as [very] preliminary "seed" money, or simply accepted as
> prize money as is common with some achievement awards -- depending on
> whether the winner is just starting out, or is already established.) All
> (ten) finalists will also be profiled on the IBM developerWorks Startup
> resources site.
> Contest information is here:
> Best regards,
> Eileen Cohen
> on behalf of the contest team

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