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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 00:06:48 PDT

Strata Rose Chalup wrote:

> I think folks' definitions of FUM (*great* acronym!) may vary. For me,
> FUM would be $100K/yr before taxes, independent of what I happen to be
> doing for/producing at work.
> I'd promise to do useful and interesting things, at least by my
> definition, and to produce a detailed monthly report on what I'm doing
> and why someone might care.

Okay, you get the job. Where do we ("The Global Progress for Humanity
Foundation, i.e. GloPfHumf") send the checks? ;-) ;-)

> Now that's a dream job!
> Hell, if it was guaranteed for the next several years, I'd probably take
> a lot less and move somewhere more rural

Now, I totally agree -w- the latter. Strata, you are truly cutting edge.
(No, this is a sincere comment, truly.)

> but still reasonably
> net-connected.

1GB / sec in the *bad* part of Austin by year end, $50 / month. Not rural,
but the corp. HQ is in San Marcos, for crissakes. :-)

> Cheers,
> _Strata
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