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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 11:15:42 PDT

Jeff Bone wrote:
> > I'd promise to do useful and interesting things, at least by my
> > definition, and to produce a detailed monthly report on what I'm doing
> > and why someone might care.
> Okay, you get the job. Where do we ("The Global Progress for Humanity
> Foundation, i.e. GloPfHumf") send the checks? ;-) ;-)

Check? We don't need no steenkin checks. At the risk of being
kicked off FoRK for sending a binary file; here's a little
fuck you money to spread around.


What is foom? Fuck you money.

How much is it worth? Anything you want, you can set the
value with a typical Microsoft Word editor. New! Foom
now compatible with StarOffice too!

I don't like the default F$100 denomination. How do I
change it to be some other denomination? Easy, use your default
foom editor and save it as described below. Use the Foom
4096 bit PGP key on using the
pass phrase "i find karma" and include the new signature
along with the new foom.

How do I make more foom? Work hard, pick up your paycheck by
editing the file and changing the number from F$ to whatever
you think you deserve. Under File, then select Save. Typically
if you use "Save New" you can create more foom, otherwise, you just
overwrite your old foom and lose it. Currently we're working
on making foom DAV compatible to avoid this problem.

Does foom work with Microsoft Windows? Internet Explorer? Yes, foom works with
Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer.

How are you guys better than Flooze? PayPal?
Any other of your competitors? We decentralize the product
of money unlike our competitors who centralize theirs. Decentralized=good,
Centralized=bad. You know, sort of like Napster, you know Napster
right? Mmmmmm, Napster.

How can I invest in your company? Are you guys publically traded? You
are free to invest any amount you want into Foom. Unfortunately we only
take Foom as investment. Our stock is currently F$1 per share. Sending
foom to will get you that number of shares. The more
people invest the more foom will be worth.

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