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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 14:26:38 PDT

Jeff Bone <> writes:

> Let's debug those thoughts. BTW, I'm not expounding a personal philosophy,
> here, I'm just pointing some stuff out, 'k?

'k, but the problem is that you're saying that "money will buy
happiness", not "money will buy happiness for some, but not for

Heck, I could be on my way to FUM - I'm a bright kid with strong tech
skills - but I'd probably have to move to the Valley (my idea of Hell)
& spend lots of time in an automobile. Instead I'm working hard, but
not insanely hard, making great money, but not FUM, working in an
important field, but not an earthshattering one, and being happy. Why
put it off to get rich? Besides, there's still odds to play. Money
is not a sure thing for happiness.

If I thought that pushing the importance of money in my life would
make me happier, I'd do it. But on the contrary, I think that
pushing other things in a balance with pushing money are better for my
happiness quotient.

Since it's not your personal philosophy, I'll remark that all of your
examples are a little shallow. If you *need* FUM to get friends,
lovers, & experiences, you're not very creative. Mail-order brides
are a lot cheaper, anyway.

I don't disrespect people just because they have a lot of money, or
are money-oriented above other things, but to tell me that I'd be
happier if I was more money-oriented is to tell me that I don't know
what I should be doing with my life. So excuse me, Dad, nice talking
with you, but my lunch break is over, gotta get back to work!

Karl Anderson 

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