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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 15:44:51 PDT

Hmm. What you heard and what I heard are very different. I agree that
*having* money is very different from *pursuing* money. I have not
chosen to pursue money, I've chosen to pursue minimal hassles and
maximum flexibility. That's why I stayed a contractor for so many
years. Sometimes you can make more money contracting than on salary,
but usually it works out to a draw for me, since I take time off between
contracts and don't pursue really gnarly uber-paying ones since I don't
want the stress.

I'm at a startup right now primarily because they're building something
that I think would be cool to build, and to have my name on it once it's
built (yeah, primitive mud-and-warpaint egoboo). I'm also here because
I can simultaneously get back into some hands-on stuff to refresh my
skillset and do high-level work, ah the joys of an exec-style position
at a teeny tiny company!

Pure bonus is not being subject to a dress code other than "thou shalt
be dressed while at the office", which is a given for me anyway. And an
environment tolerant of my toys, ranging from big headphones to
devilsticks to kooshballs to little rubber snakes festooned on my
monitor. Wait until I start bringing in the musical instruments. OK,
that might be a little disruptive...

What if the startup makes it big? Hey, as jb said, I'll take the
money! But if money happens, fine, but if it doesn't, that's fine too.
This is in a weird way kind of a vacation from "real work" for me,
despite the 10 - 14 hour days. So I'm weird. We knew that. :-)

So yeah, I hope you get lucky, but don't move to Silicon Helly to chase
the bux, it's not worth it! I came out here in 1991 for a specific
purpose which was entirely non work-related, and ended up staying, but
I've made several abortive attempts to go somewhere a bit more sane. My
personal life is worth more to me than living elsewhere, though, so I'm
stuck in Der Valley for now. Maybe I'll get lucky!


Karl Anderson wrote:
> Jeff Bone <> writes:
> > Let's debug those thoughts. BTW, I'm not expounding a personal philosophy,
> > here, I'm just pointing some stuff out, 'k?
> 'k, but the problem is that you're saying that "money will buy
> happiness", not "money will buy happiness for some, but not for
> others".
> Heck, I could be on my way to FUM - I'm a bright kid with strong tech
> skills - but I'd probably have to move to the Valley (my idea of Hell)
> & spend lots of time in an automobile. Instead I'm working hard, but
> not insanely hard, making great money, but not FUM, working in an
> important field, but not an earthshattering one, and being happy. Why
> put it off to get rich? Besides, there's still odds to play. Money
> is not a sure thing for happiness.
> If I thought that pushing the importance of money in my life would
> make me happier, I'd do it. But on the contrary, I think that
> pushing other things in a balance with pushing money are better for my
> happiness quotient.
> Since it's not your personal philosophy, I'll remark that all of your
> examples are a little shallow. If you *need* FUM to get friends,
> lovers, & experiences, you're not very creative. Mail-order brides
> are a lot cheaper, anyway.
> I don't disrespect people just because they have a lot of money, or
> are money-oriented above other things, but to tell me that I'd be
> happier if I was more money-oriented is to tell me that I don't know
> what I should be doing with my life. So excuse me, Dad, nice talking
> with you, but my lunch break is over, gotta get back to work!
> --
> Karl Anderson

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