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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 15:36:55 PDT

In my experience, people are will *like* you-generic as a human being,
and will either fawn on you or try to take you-generic out because
you're smart.

I have had at least one good (female) friend say jokingly, "Gee, Strata,
if you were as pretty as you are smart, I'd have to kill you."

Then there are all the people who only care about the competition, and
will happily sabotage you in case they might someday be competing with
you for something.

A good reason to keep one's head down and one's mouth shut except when
necessary, useful, or one is among friends. Being consistently
underestimated is bad for "climbing the success ladder" but great for
having more control over directing one's life to peace and quiet. I
voted with my feet. :-)


Kragen Sitaker wrote:

> [...]
> I don't know about great wealth, but I can attest that there is a
> downside to great intelligence. You never know whether people like you
> because you're smart or because they actually like you as a human
> being. They may not know either, and it's a complicated question in
> any event. [...]

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