Re: Taking the billion? Re: Gedankenexperiments

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 08:48:13 PDT

"how does it feel to be
one of the beuatifull

Money is like cheap logic debates...its a lot of work for something that
gets you more of itself.

Now i can say without the benifit of billions that I would be a lot more
comfortable in my life, but essentialy the Things I did wiht money to make
me happy would be pretty mUCH THE SAME THINGS Im doing now. Its just the
scale that would change.

Examine yourself. Drop all the rules of debate and over used Copi 101
textualsplatterings. What are YOU DOing NOW to make your life a happy

If your not having a happy life at the scale your on maybe you needs to
ponder the whys and wherefors therein.

the NPL flag seems to have been RAISED> I would suggest a few anchors need
to be hoisted out of the sea of sameness and a new frame be put on your
world views. Make it bigger louder better, screw greener (or waht ever
color you local currency might happen to be)

There, i havent said much but i said it anyway.

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