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From: Kent Spaulding (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 10:19:55 PDT

jb et al,

Read this book. You might/will find some interesting viewpoints on
solipsism, provability, epistimology and so forth.


Furthermore, assuming you buy into the whole multiverse explanation:

We have no idea whether or not said Singularity already exists and is
responsible for presenting us with the Multiverse. Imagine a
Singularity that gives each of *us* our own Universe - resource
constraints be damned. This special universe is *your* iotaverse. In
*your* iotaverse you are 'happy' - or rather, unable to be unhappy and
have evil done to you. Or, if one prefers, you remain forever
uncoerced. Just pick *your* own definition and said Singularity will
create yet another Universe for *you* governed by that definition.

Of course, let me explain why I call this the iota-verse... but first
the splats (*). The splatted you is that kernel of identity that is
replicated and spread to all possible Universes. *you* exists in all
Universes. 'you' is used in reference to a single Universe, like this
one. So, *you* exist in an infinite number of Universes in which you
are simply there to serve the happiness of some other entity. Each of
them is some other entity's iota-verse. In other words, 'all' other
Universes are an iota-verse for someone else. Yes, we did allow *you*
to have more than one iota-verse, but the cardinality of your set of
iota-verses relative to the set of all other Universes is so small
that one can certainly see why one might choose to use the surreal
number, iota, in the name.

To clarify, I'm asserting that a Singularity may be providing an
infinite number of universes via 'perfect' virtual reality generators
to guarantee that one copy of *you* is happy, at all times, by your
definition(s), because, someone, sometime, somewhere, created this
Singularity for *your* benefit. This is not outside the realm of

Of course, now we each exist in an infinite number of other universes
in which we are not 'always' happy.... like this one, and that's
okay. I'm sure I'm one bored puppy in the ideal universes centered
around my unwavering happiness, whatever that is.

It's possible, therefore, since all possible Universes exist, this
certainly includes the Universe that Singulartarians hope to create.
Do they know that someone, sometime, somewhere else in the Multiverse
has already done this? Actually, *each of them* has already done it,
it's a given. What shocklevel is this?


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