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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 13:43:44 PDT

On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]E.'s thread has me thinking, in fact, there are certain "commons" such
--]as the Sun which have a real impact on [my] life and which can and
--]should and do stand outside the sphere of the "owned." Since they
--]cannot be owned, even infinite money cannot buy them. So I revise my
--]assertion the other day, much to Gordon's and my own chagrin: there
--]are things that (even infinite) money can't buy.

Gievn enough time and captial growth I think it is very likely the entity
known as The Sun will be owned much the same way Sony owns music.

More importantly I think it is already far past the time when people THINK
they can own the sun. If the mindset exists to think they can then it is
somehow going to come to pass, if left unchallanged, that they will .

People already own chucks of the Earth(tm). So it is a simple tasks to
extrapulate out to the point of one enitity owning it all.

Try not to get up in the arguments of scale, insted focus on the
underlying cause.

For instance, our recent freind the UberAllControlingBuilder. THis mindset
is simply another example that has plauge humanity from the get go. that
being "I know better than you there for I will control you, or set up the
mechanisms to control you, for your own good"

Be it the beerhall drunk paper hanger or the senate seated suit they all
fall down when a large enough group of people yell "you aint got no
clothes on" and monkey wrench thier "best viewed under crystal"
manifestoed plans. A few go on to capture the hearts and or wallets of
the masses, most simply languish in eventual self loathing and despair.

Learn what you can from them. they often have great reasoning behind the
pustch to control. Cast off the shackle talk and recycle the rest.

And before anyone ets the big idea...Jupiter is MINE all min min I tell

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