Stack Overflow Builds on Buzz of Mozquito

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From: Roddy Young (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 07:11:17 PDT

For Immediate Release:

B.K. DeLong
ZOT Group

Josef Dietl
Mozquito Technologies

Stack Overflow Launches New Name, New Brand - Mozquito Technologies -- 23 August 2000 -- Building on the success of
its core offering, Stack Overflow today announced the company's new name --
Mozquito Technologies -- and the new corporate design. Mozquito
Technologies was launched in 1998 with the mission to make Web-based forms
more interactive and easier to implement.

"Our vision is to make the Web more interactive through an easy-to-use and
efficient tool. The name change aligns the company identity with our most
visible brand - Mozquito Factory - and its popular Mozquito mascot. The
energy and vitality of the Mozquito team and the innovative Web-ware we
produce are reflected in our new corporate image." said Sebastian
Schnitzenbaumer, CEO of Mozquito Technologies.

By leveraging its leadership in interactive Web applications, the newly
renamed company will continue to deliver tomorrow's technology today
through the power of the Mozquito Factory suite. Web designers and
developers who have come to rely on these leading edge solutions will
continue to look to Mozquito Technologies to quickly bring powerful Web
design software to the marketplace.

Over the past year, demand for downloading Mozquito Factory has grown
substantially. Now more and more Web designers and developers are attracted
to Mozquito Factory because it uses XHTML, the latest markup standard. It
adds the power of XML with the simplicity of HTML through a tagset of 20
elements known as Forms Markup Language, FML.

Next week at the Seybold San Francisco conference, Mozquito Technologies
will be introducing Mozquito Factory 1.5. If you're interested in catching
a glimpse of this powerful technology, stop by booth #2609 at the Moscone
Center from August 29-31 or at the Mozquito Web site at

About Mozquito Technologies
Mozquito Technologies' mission is to simplify the development and increase
the intelligence of interactive Web applications. Their flagship product --
the Mozquito Factory -- is the world's first XHTML extensibility enabler,
empowering Web designers to use tomorrow's Web technologies today. Mozquito
Technologies' commitment to advancing Web technologies and open standards
is highlighted by their membership and active participation in the World
Wide Web Consortium. For more information please visit


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