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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 13:38:59 PDT

Adam sez:

> P.S. -- You've gotta post to FoRK your feelings on Richard winning.
> What does this say about society in general? Kelly would have won
> she had been loyal to Sue -- isn't it ironic? Her one mistake, so
to speak.

Here's what I said:

"Actually, I'm psyched *and* I think the right guy won. I was
*certain* early on that Rich would win, then became uncertain as I
descended down this infinitely recursive round of N-guessing myself.
There's something to be said when a group of folks (the jury) can
recognize that "I'm playing a game, I'm *going to be* a devious
bastard, and I'm going to fuck you over every way I can, but hey,
that's just the game" is a morally superior position to "I'm a
wishy-washy, pandering, somewhat sympathetic person in the midst of
ethical and identity crises."

Or, sincere, honest, straightforward villainy is better than confused,
erratic beahvior. Or, snake beats rat, rock breaks scissors, game
over. ;-) Or, it's better to be a "fat naked fag" (hey, not my
words!) with money and no scruples than a semi-cute river guide with
(some) scruples.

And, hey, "I'm not queer or anything," but didn't Rich look suave on
the reunion? :-)

Actually, though, Kelly's only mistake (if Greg is to be believed,
though that's open for debate given the uncertainty about whether he
and Rich were doing the nasty) was in not going higher than 7.


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