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From: Antoun Nabhan (antoun@arrayex.com)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 11:01:11 PDT

This from today's Wall Street Journal page B1, reporting on a J.D. Powers
study: "Most SUV buyers ranked exterior styling and performance as their
top priorities in choosing their vehicle, with safety at the bottom of
their list."

Styling and performance?

To add to the irony poisoning, there's this guy with a Lexus LS450 ("the
Lexus/LS/four-and-a-half" for all the Biggie Smalls fans out there), which
is really a Toyota Land Cruiser with leather, and hence roughly the size of
a bus, who parks at our office building. But he always parks all the way at
the back of the parking lot, DIAGONALLY, across THREE - count 'em
- spaces. Today we realized that he has the rhino bars on the front and
back, plus the big tubular running bars, as if he's going on safari with
the thing and needed the actual brush-busting ability and anti-hippo
protection. Which clearly ain't the case; he's apparently pathologically
fearful of door dings on his $50K truck.

I'm not sure these are really FoRK worthy, but I sure laughed.
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