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From: Karee Swift (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 11:44:06 PDT

The thing has to work first;) I was having a bitch of a time getting
it to do anything in the windows environment (Alright laugh) so now
I've decided I'll fidget in linux. The QCat thing in general was an
insult to the intelligence of everyone, with its Flash presentation
of death(tm) and a user interface that doesn't even work, but looks
pretty. BAh. It looks like the only real effective measure for this
device is for the advertisers, who seek to get as much info out of
you as they can, and still dont' provide a product that works.



--- In, "Adam L. Beberg" <beberg@m...> wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Eugene Leitl wrote:
> > Seriously, hiding of content in database-backed websites is a
> > problem. Why can't each database associate the URI (a DB query
> > for each indexable object with an up-to-date full-text index, and
> > leave the thing in a specified location, for the web spiders to
> > it up?
> *stands at microphone with spotlight*
> What's the difference between being spider'd and a DoS attack?
> *dramatic paws*
> The script kitty will eventually stop.
> Is this thing on? *tap tap*
> But seriously, most database content worth the high costs of
hosting is
> owned by someone that doesn't want the spiders getting at it and
> mirroring out in public like say... google. I don't see that
> anytime soon.
> Are people really THAT lazy they can't type a URL? People will carry
> around another mouse sized gizmo with their laptops? Was this the
> behind the insane plan for the new 63 character domain names all
> along? hmmm.... i smell fish... flip, flop, a flippity bippity flop.
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