Re: Love is the drug. What is the disease?

spunkanado (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 20:55:40 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, I Find Karma wrote:

> I guess this is a gestalt thing about my nature that I would rather be alone
> than be with anyone I wasn't positive was THE ONE. Had I not found Michelle,
> I *know* I would have thrown myself head over heels into work, entertainment,
> sporting events, and friend/family matters. I would rather wait than sow oats
> or pursue anyone I wasn't sure about.

How can you be SURE right out of the box without having had a hand in
testing, r & d, impelmentation and beta testing. I hear what your saying
about the one and the click and the bliss of the true love, but with out
seasoning tofu is just tofu.

> me, and putting my heart and soul into helping that person become a
> better and better complement of myself.

I have found several ONES in my life. And I aint near being done yet. For
me its not so much about one enity one being, its about the one thing I
can become with the right person.More human than human as Rob Zombie would

I am glad you found your one.
> > Remeber the words of the grand sage Jay "theres just one bitch man, one
> > bitch with a thousand faces. schnooge"
> Yeah, but remember the words of the grander sage Silent Bob, who said,
> You know, there are millions of fine looking women in the world, dude.
> But they don't all bring you lasagna at work. Most of them will just
> cheat on you.

Oh toufuckingche you fat mother fucker:) And stop doing that yoda force

As for growing up and what i want to be. Well, i figure hen im all grown
up Ill be DEAD. Yep, when im done growing its in the grave for me.
Explore Expand Evolve, and when I cant do that anylonger ill be stone cold
fucky fresh in the ground making freinds witht he worms and dry rot.

What i want to do is EEE. Constatnly. Ruts? Yech. Stability of the base?
Sure, without a firm foundation the building crumbles , the progress is
stopped. But twisting turning thru the never...thats the aim.

My goals a grave, and i dont plan on reaching it for a mighty long time. I
got to sprout me some poll bearers first.