Re: [Finding] the woman I want???

Ernest Prabhakar (
Wed, 13 Aug 97 17:54:24 -0700

<nofill>>>That is a very good point. And one worth considering. <<<<


>>My point I guess is
that everytime I've run into an old girlfriend, she is either stuck in
exactly the same thing, or is married with kids. So in either sense, we
have little in common at that point. <<<<

Well, not necessarily. Of the three primary women in my past, one is
married (no kids), one is still in relationship-avoidance mode, and the
third is growing at a simliar rate I am. Still, I feel like I can still
value them, and I still can recognize and accept that part of me which
liked them, though those parts have had to go through some redemption.

Boy, we're really getting into true confessions on this list, aren't we?
And all because of that spammer. Okay, I concede, perhaps selling our
names to a mail-bomber WOULD generate bits of lasting value...

-- Ernie P.