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Wed, 13 Aug 1997 11:55:52 -0700

At 11:47 AM -0700 8/13/97, I Find Karma wrote:

> Rohit Khare writes:
> > I'm with Tim. Adam, your recipe is too vanilla. It shuts out a lot
> > of important experiences.
> I'm not backing down on this one.
> They may be experiences, but they aren't important. You're probably
> the kind of person who, when he plays chess, tries to capture as many
> pieces as possible instead of remembering the Prime Directive: to
> checkmate the king.
> We don't have to experience EVERYTHING in this life. There's not
> enough time, and frankly, not everything is worth experiencing.

agreed. but without a base of experience you don't really know what it is
you want.

as an example, ever hear of some food that you said to yourself, "I
wouldn't like that." Then you try it and find you do?

> That's why you have a brain: to filter out the stuff in life that
> is unimportant. And believe me, pursuing lots of relationships,
> in the grand scheme of things, is vastly inferior in import and
> quality, than pursuing that one, single, meaningful relationship.

again, how do you find that one, single, meaningful person if your not out

> I repeat: we do not have to experience everything in life. Period.

no but experience is important.

> I don't have to murder someone to know that killing is wrong.

depends on what they did to you.

> I don't have to steal someone to know that theft is wrong.

get out of the computer industry today.

> I don't have to betray someone's trust to know that duplicity is wrong.


> And I don't have to pursue many relationships to know that all you
> end up doing, ultimately, is forfeiting future time you'll spend
> with THE ONE.

if you already have THE ONE.



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