Where are you going (WAS: Love is the drug)

Ernest Prabhakar (ernest@apple.com)
Wed, 13 Aug 97 17:50:55 -0700

Cool, some words from the lurkers. This is quite a thread we've got

Adam wrote:
> I know EXACTLY what I want to be when I grow up. The fact that I choose
> to act like a clueless simpleton is just a distraction.

Which you pull off quite well. But we know it is just a mask, just like
Rohit's "rivers of blood damn the humanity" bravado.

> A distraction I
> will return to after this paragraph. But mark my words, anyone who just
> sort of drifts through life with no clear idea of where s/he's going, is
> a fool wasting the precious finite gift of time allotted to him/her.

To which Kristin replies:
>I'd have to disagree with this. I only have vague ideas "what I want to be
>when I grow up." I don't consider myself a fool (well at least not usually)
>because of this. There's a difference between not having a clear idea and
>living "by default" as you put it. "By default" to me implies having other
>people make the decisions for you (ie, the people who go to med school only
>because their parents tell them to, etc)

I'll take the third option. I think people are interesting if they have
a *passion*. That's what's so wonderful about FoRKers, they tend to be
passionate about something. Unlike others, though, I believe it is
possible to rate passions, at least in terms of scope. Someone whose
passion is to get Windows NT installed properly is, IMHO, much less
interesting than one whose passion is to get Windows NT everywhere, which
is less interesting than someone whose dream is to turn everyone into a
desktop publisher. The bigger the dream you are pursuing, the more fun
your life will be, to you and those around you.

For some people, the passion is getting somewhere. For others, the
passion is enjoying the journey. I know both kinds of people, and they're
both a lot of fun (at least up to a point). The ones who are boring are
those with no passion, or a very small one (e.g., making lots of money).
"What profiteth those who gain the whole world yet loses their soul?"

-- Ernie P.