RE: Here comes Microsoft Rhapsody

Joe Barrera (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 13:04:31 -0700

> JoeB probably can't say anything, but I'm sure there is a big team at
> working on enhancements that won't make it into NT 5 and instead will
be NT 6 or 7.

Well, hell, that's hardly a secret. I'm sure Microsoft has been a lot
more specific about what they hope to have in NT 6+. I mean, NT 5 is
almost at Beta 1, which means the feature set for NT 5 is pretty much

> I don't believe in the Yellow Box; I've never seen an emulator that
works acceptably.
> (Well, I've heard good things about fx32 for Alpha, but look how well
DEC is doing.)

I forget which color box is which, but just doing OS emulation is
doable, and Mach (like NT) was designed to do OS emulation. If NT can do
Win16 and even DOS acceptably, why can't Mach do MAC OS?

And if Apple can hold onto some market share, then why not continue
porting Office? If 5% more work gives you 10% more market share, that's
still a win, right? (I have no idea what the real numbers are)

- Joe

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