whirlwind, reaping the

Rohit Khare (khare@w3.org)
Tue, 19 Aug 1997 21:51:59 -0400 (EDT)

It finally occurred to me on the treadmill that I am being very silly
about not calling her up after last week. After all, am I afraid of
being rejected ?!?

So, I called her up and asked to have breakfast sometime. She asked
about Saturday, I said duck might be coming up, so it would be cool to
get together as a group, but if it was just the two of us.. I dunno,
something happened and we ended up agreeing to tomorrow morning at
8AM. I previewed last weekend in New York, so I guess that helps
reset the tenor: just to catch up on how things are going.

Really, this isn't going to be difficult. Think if I repeat that enough
it'll be true? :-)

At least if I end up spending all night working with Adam on XML, I
can just go home afterwards...

In other news, the siege against fat is a hard line to hold. five days I
skipped the gym, been eating well again on the road, and outright binging
today: up from 277 to 280 again.

Last night, in a misdirected pound-foolishness I eschewed the $2.99
chicken mcnuggets meal in favor of something "healthy" from the
supermarket. Didn't find plan A, no veggieburgers there, so instead
picked up bread, fat-free cheese and fat-free turkey, and skim
milk. Plan B's ingredients are fine, but there's no working around
binging: made 5 sandwiches and drank 800cal worth of milk in the last
24 hours. And *even* *then*, there was some leftover free food at MCI
today and I found my self-control so lacking in the face of free
bounty I had two more. I don't actually have will power with food in
front of me; I have to work at just keeping it out of reach. Of course
displacement focuses attention on what's left, namely my scotch
collection, of which I have consumed more in the past six weeks than
in the previous six months (seriously!) [PS: my vote is also in for
the Laph, when I really feel like punishing myself -- my collection is
split between ultrasmooth blends and piquant singles.]


PS. Rob: are you ALIVE? Enquiring minds...