Re: whirlwind, reaping the

Robert Harley (
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 19:25:10 +0200 (MET DST)

Rohit wrote:
>PS. Rob: are you ALIVE? Enquiring minds...

Yeah, sort of.

I went AWOL for two weeks, on holiday in Tuscany. No email, no
usenet, no web the whole time! I almost succumbed in a small street
near San Lorenzo in Florence when I spotted a ristorante with "buy a
steak, get free Internet access while you eat it" but Myriam dragged
me away to a little trattoria for dinner instead.

As measure of how out of touch I was: on the way back we stopped at
Myriam's parent's place beside Lake Geneva and her brother asked me
what I thought of the Microsoft-Apple deal, to which I replied "Huh?
What deal is that?". He figured I was pretty clueless for a CS dude
(he's a neurosurgeon).

While away, I ran a program to prove 2^5000+2157 prime. It's now the
biggest general prime known, where "general" excludes those rare few
which have special-purpose primality algorithms (for instance Mersenne

-- Wub

PS: What are "kwashiorkor" and "chuckwalla"? They're in /usr/dict/words.