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Ron Resnick (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 11:43:46 +0200

duck wrote:
> A few days old, sorry, but i've been swamped...
> [FW]
> Do Internet skills now determine one's electability for national
> office? It does if you believe the guys with the spinach in their
> teeth up in Silicon Valley.
> Vice President Al Gore meets privately with a select group of
> high-tech executives once a month to discuss public policy issues
> large and small; its existence remains a secret in official
> Washington, but "Gore-Tech" is rapidly becoming one of the most
> influential brain trusts in town, fronts MONDAY'S LOS ANGELES TIMES.

So Gore's looking for good, fresh, clueful techie bits, huh?

Rohit - maybe you should involuntarily subscribe (or whatever his id is) to FoRK :-)

Ever considered politics, Ro?
I can see it now - the Y2K Democratic ticket: Gore/Khare !
With a platform of 'show me the bits!', of course.
And a FoRK subscription in every pot.