Re: Book recommendation: Rising Phoenix, Kyle Mills.

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Wed, 27 Aug 1997 10:20:31 -0800

I Find Karma around 3:10 PM -0800 on 8/26/97, made things perfectly clear
with this:

> I think this book just hit the stores.
> This is a fiction recommendation for _Rising Phoenix_ by Kyle Mills.
> The plot is simple: a preacher convinces a renegade to break into the
> drug cartels and poison the nation's cocaine and heroin supplies so that
> drug users will die. Word gets out about the tainted cocaine and
> heroin, but rather than stop using drugs, thousands and thousands of
> druggies die. Public opinion for the tainted drugs is great: the people
> of the novel WANT the druggies to take the tainted drugs and die.

movie of the week.

A Scanner Darkly
Philip K. Dick

none better.



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