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Tue, 2 Sep 1997 11:52:06 -0800

Rohit Khare around 10:29 AM -0800 on 9/2/97, made things perfectly clear
with this:

> > so whom on FoRK thinks Di was a hit?
> >
> That was my absolute first thought, and I'm sticking to it: this is far
> too neat an ending,perhaps even merciful compared to the horrors of
> decades of royal abuse to come. Cynical enough for you?

so that make two (three?) of us.

> The establishment has certainly made plain it hates Fayed, and the
> Egyptian has done little to really endear himself back; he's always
> clawing at the door with his latest acquistion, of which the Princess
> of Wales would only be the most recent in a line.

well his Dad pretty much brought down the Tory gov with the scandle he
exposed over getting his family a passport. that surely pissed off a lot of
people and Diana knew whom she was dating and how that was going to piss
off even more.

> The whole operation was cleanly pinned on Fayed, which is the usual
> irony of conspiracy: if its done well, there is NO rational evidence
> to believe it did :-)
> Bottom line: they recover exclusive control of the Princes. And
> finally think they'll recover the PR battle: but in destroying her
> they have only made the shadow stronger: her ghost will haunt the
> image of the modern royal family for a century or more.

yeah, I agree, the Brits now has there very own Elvis.

> Besides, the brits get to pin their dirty work on the french? How
> suspiciously neat is that?

yeah, and German cars, even better.

> Rohit
> PS. Of course, I also think the photographers are blameless; it's
> a free economy in the abstract, and nothing is so sacred to have
> been worth "step on it!" -- fault is clearly somewhere in that car.

well I think the "real" photographers are pretty much blameless. however I
feel there were "others" involved.

Let's just look at the simple facts of what happened.

1) the now horribly drunk driver was a former jet fighter pilot, trained in
anti kidnapping/escape driving techniques.
2) something made them run. I find it impossible to believe that someone
that has had their picture taken for 16 years or whatever suddenly freaked
out. if she was so scared of the press why did they go to his dad's hotel,
the ritz? no other resturants in Paris open at night?
3) do you know how fast 120 is on city streets? I do. It's fuckin' fast. No
one, would drive at a sustained speed like that for any *good* reason.
unless you were running for your life.
4) the "other" car. This has been reported a few times.
5) impact and MB spinning around in the Tunnel. Why wern't the Photogs
taken out. (because they were 1/8 mile behind?)

So my take is this.

Decoy ducks out the front.
Inside Intel tells whomever their going out back
Jump in armor plated MB
Hit man pulls up next to MB and shows small semi -auto (Mac11, etc.)
Driver goes into kidnapping avoidance mode.
Hit men *followed* by Photogs "herd" MB towards tunnel at high speed
"Dummy" car blocks inside of tunnel forcing driver to turn to avoid.

that's all she wrote.



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