The Cost of Living in the Bay Area as compared to Boston

Pang, Hokkun (
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 10:35:14 -0400

anybody familiar with both boston and the bay area to make a comparison of
cost of living, job and social opportunities? i have couple friends moved to
the bay area from
boston over the past year and a couple more planning to do so in the near
future (myself included).
its fair to say they make at least 25% more than in boston but the housing
price is at least that
much higher. i picked up a copy of silicon valley today during a recent
visit and was horrified to
see the average housing price in san jose was 270k last year. this friend
living in a small single house
in redwood city put its worth at 300k. i'm sure a similar one can be had for
200k in the south shore area
in boston.
another concern i have is the job opportunities. i'm not in R&D and i've
alwayed worked in financial
and IT consulting doing mostly client/server, e-commerce. there are lots of
these companies in boston,
i.e. fidelity, putnam, state street, cambridge technology, sapient etc.
what's the chance of finding
something similar in the bay area?

- Hokkun

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> > What if I want to live near the water?
> You could live in Pacifica and work in SF (lots of high tech stuff in the
> South-of-Market section) or in San Mateo county (e.g. Oracle). You can get
> one bedroom apartments from $1100 up, according to and
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