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Joe Barrera (
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 01:22:29 -0700

> When you've done reading this (as I just did a few weeks ago),
> let's do a disc. about it?

Sounds good. Of course I'll never finish it if I keep pulling 20 hour days
like this has turned out to be :-/

> WRT your earlier questions about "what comes after the
> STL honeymoon", in the case of G.Glass, he apparently
> seems to have moved on from STL to discover:
> - Java
> - standard Java class libs instead of C++ template libs

Hmm. So I thought part of the cool thing about templates libraries is that
all the syntactic sugar melts away as compile time as the templates get
expanded and the resulting local optimizations gets applied. In other words,
to quote Jeff Alger, "[...] (solving) the problem as elegantly as a real
language like Smalltalk or Lisp would, but without causing smoke to rise
from your CPU and the stock of companies that manufacture memory chips to
rise on Wall Street."

Isn't Java's story considerably weaker here?

> - mobility

Ah, who cares about that? :-)

> He's the main guy behind Voyager's arch.


> When you're done fooling
> with C++ Joe, feel free to join us at the Java party :).

Sure - but I want to know C++ in depth before looking at Java, so that I can
end up being well-informed about the advantages and disadvantages of both...

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