Re: Amazon orders...

Nelson Minar (
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 11:18:42 -0400

Whee, OS wars. I'll just say one thing; it's really *nice* having the
source code to your OS. When windows is broken I can't do anything
about it, I can't even find out why it's broken.

>> Isn't Java's story considerably weaker here?
>Sure. That's why lots of people keep demanding template extensions
>for Java. I can see their point, but.. I personally see this a bit

Templates are evil. What do they do other than try to smooth over
C++'s horribly broken type system?

>>> - mobility
>>Ah, who cares about that? :-)
>Come on Nelson! That's your cue :-).

Mobility is cool because it means I can float my software out over the
Internet and consume resources on remote machines with my custom code.
Mobility makes viruses easy. That's why mobility is cool.