Re: Flawed Web sites deserve a fork in the head.

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 10:18:58 -0700

Okay, keeping with the tradition of thesis avoidance and
tracking the 'killer app' thread on the mobility agents list, here's
my stupid idea for the day. Charge companies to provide
feedback for the WWW sites. Not by hand, but automate it.
Here's the plan:

Provide an incredibly small banner or text links that
companies can put on their WWW site at the very top of their page
or along the left side of their top frame. Something

If a user, waiting for a page to load or after looking
at the content is fed up with the page, just have them
use one of the links to exit the page. Most pepole will
not take the time to write an email to a webmaster unless
the page really upsets the, but knowing their feedback
is heard is important enough for some people if it
only taks the time to click. The image could be
an image map or a small text links. The link takes
you to our machine which then records the URL it came from,
which criticism it chose, and maybe some other information.

We can convince all the corporate Web sites that they need
this information as they are losing customers, provide them
with automated end of the week updates for $5 a week or monthly
for $19.99 using wwwstat. Also, we can have them schedule for
just $49.99 a month, a complete daily for $49.99, weekly for
$29.99 or monthly for $19.99 check for broken links
using MOMspider. On demand can be for $.05 a
page, less than the cost of a piece of paper.

Excellent supplemental grad school income. 8-)
Now you just have to market it appropriately as
something these companies would need. I would guess
that it would take about 3 days to set it up right.