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Dusseault ("Lisa)
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 12:24:44 -0700

Joseph, are you interested in books on design/creativity in general?

In a previous FoRK post, I recommended some books on creativity. I won't go
over them again now. I wish somebody would write a "creative whack pack"
type of thing for people solving technical problems (von Oech's pack seems
to be tailored more towards business ideas and product ideas than technical
problems). What are you going to write about?

In the area of software, one of the most important books on my shelf is
"writing solid code".

In the area of systems design, one of my favourite books is by Weinberg &
Weinberg, "General Principles of System Design". It's a book that I wish
every first-year engineer would read.

Be sure to FoRK the recommendations you get, and the recommendations you
have once you've done some of this reading, because I'm interested in the
same subjects you describe!

BTW, I have a suggestion for what to do with the Amazon referral fees: i'd
like to see the funds, or some of the funds, donated to a cause related to
books/technology, such as
- improving the computer literacy of under-privileged youths
- public libraries

If we decide to do this, we should also advertise the fact on our fork books
site so that people know what they are supporting.


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[I'm surprised people don't swap reading lists more often here...]

One of the things I'm hoping to get out of an up coming Fellowship [1] is
more time to read (and write). Consequently, what should I read? If you had
to recommend two of the best books (the uber book, and the undiscovered gem)
on technical design, management, graphic design, and tech/business law, what
would they be? The books you wish you would 've read before you did...



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