Re: The Singles Bar Model of Computing

Clover Hodgson (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 09:21:46 -0700

I can explain a couple. Here goes...

At 12:30 AM -0700 8/16/98, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
>Thanks to Tim and Clover for more bar phrases, but I'm at a
>loss as to what they mean, which makes it kinda hard to come up
>with a Jini equivalent. Well, okay, so I know a few of these,
>but my DistObj humor receptor is on the fritz. So far we have
> crash and burn --> interface matching failure
> beer bottle glasses --> interface matching mistake
> lounge lizard --> an object that won't deallocate
> bouncer --> security filter
> vomsorb --> allocated object memory collector
> 86'ed -->
> straight up --> original object only -- no equivalents
> bar time -->
> last call --> warning for resident objects to get mobile
> happy hour --> off-peak service pricing
> pub crawl --> mobile object
> beer goggling -->

Beer Goggling - verb - Simply, the more you drink, the more attractive
people get that you wouldn't go for under sober circumstances. Some
phrases used in conjunction might be, "He's a six pack." or "She's a case."
Get the idea?

> meat market --> underutilized object repository
> party foul -->

Party foul - noun - A party foul is anything you do to mess up the momentum
of a good drunken evening. Most common of the party fouls is knocking over
a whole beer at a table full of people. In some drinking games, this can
also be like rolling the dice and having one or both go off the table and
onto the floor, etc. (There can be steep drinking penalites for this.)
Party fouls can sometimes ruin the whole evening, for example, when trying
to pick up on someone. You spill a beer all over her while you're dancing
and believe me, you're through. Things like that.

I've heard Tim use the work 86'ed, and I'm sure it refers to being drunk,
but you'll have to ask him for an exact definition.

Hope this helps.

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