Re: The Singles Bar Model of Computing

Roy T. Fielding (
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 00:30:22 -0700

Thanks to Tim and Clover for more bar phrases, but I'm at a
loss as to what they mean, which makes it kinda hard to come up
with a Jini equivalent. Well, okay, so I know a few of these,
but my DistObj humor receptor is on the fritz. So far we have

crash and burn --> interface matching failure
beer bottle glasses --> interface matching mistake
lounge lizard --> an object that won't deallocate
bouncer --> security filter
vomsorb --> allocated object memory collector
86'ed -->
straight up --> original object only -- no equivalents
bar time -->
last call --> warning for resident objects to get mobile
happy hour --> off-peak service pricing
pub crawl --> mobile object
beer goggling -->
meat market --> underutilized object repository
party foul -->

which only sucks a little bit.