P&G Internet ads, and other musings

Ron Resnick (rresnick@dialogosweb.com)
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 12:58:22 -0400

P&G, the world's biggest advertiser, is moving aggressively toward
the Internet. Today's USA Today print issue has some impressive
charts, showing P&G spending on radio ads moving from nothing
to massive from 1930 to 1935, and then the same trend for
TV from 1950 to 1955. Now, they want to make the same historic
move on the Internet. Will the merging of TV&Internet
happen when advertising dollars move in massive P&G billions
from TV to the Net? Only time will tell. Here's the online version:

> P&G tackles Net advertising
> Procter & Gamble is through waiting for the Internet to click as a
> marketing tool. It is about to force the issue. And, in the process,
> possibly turn the ad world upside down.
> The company that says it is the largest advertiser on earth is hosting a
> two-day Internet summit beginning Thursday that could be a catalyst for
> changing the way many of America's largest marketers reach
> consumers.
> ''This will be the defining moment in
> Internet advertising,'' says Chuck
> Martin, president of Net Future
> Institute, an Internet think tank.

click the link for more.

The conference, in Cincinnati on Thurs&Fri, is also
web-accessible - http://www.fastsummit.com/

Meanwhile, I'm in Washington this week talking about
distributed Java at a conference
so no crashing P&G in Cinti. I'm staying at the same downtown
Grand Hyatt in which the famous photo of Bill hugging Monica
was taken. It's pretty much halfway between
the White House and the federal courthouse - about a 10
minute walk to WH, 5 to court. That secured closed circuit wire
probably runs right down the street in front of me.

Any messages from FoRK to pass along to Bill?
Any tips on how to hack into the CCTV connection from
a hotel room 100yards or so away :-)?

Then again, what's the point? Anything we don't already know?
I've read&heard&seen so many newspaper&TV&Internet accounts
of what he will or won't say, the actual event has to be

Saddam is getting away with kicking out the inspectors,
but does anyone care? No, today's the day we all get to hear about
Bill's fly. Sheesh. What a country. Polls indicate Americans
don't care about zippergate because of the great job Clinton
is doing. Great job? 180 degree turnaround to a policy of 'shrug'
on the bastard who
has fired missiles at my home, and is poised to do so again now?
I don't think he's doing a great job.