Re: The Singles Bar Model of Computing

Clover Hodgson (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 10:11:33 -0700

At 9:35 AM -0700 8/17/98, Tim Byars wrote:
>At 9:21 AM -0700 8/17/98, Clover Hodgson came up with this:
>> I've heard Tim use the work 86'ed, and I'm sure it refers to being drunk,
>> but you'll have to ask him for an exact definition.
>Jeez.... To be 86'ed is to be so drunk that your cut off and asked to leave
>the bar.
>Example: I can't go anywhere with Rohit, he keeps getting 86'ed.

Yah, but how does 86 fit in to the picture? What's the significance of the
number? That's what I wanna know.

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