Intel Inside

Terence Sin (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 22:05:38 +0500

News junkies probably have heard about this "Professor of Cyberstudies"
who claims to have a chip implemented into his left arm in today's
news. However after after hearing an interview with him on the CBC, in
which he came across as a complete troll, I conclude that this has got
to be a media prank.

Hot-button issues (read: flame baits) he pushed by way of considering
some possibly useful applications of chip implantation:

1) implanting chips into dirty sicko sexual offenders
2) implanting chips into consumers (so you don't have to carry a wallet,
and your purchase history can be tracked)
3) implanting chips into employees (those lazy Dilberts can't be

Keep in mind that he said all these with a straight-face without once
mentioning the word "ethics" anywhere, thus spitting in the face of
every Foucauldian/Big Brother objection ever made in the context of
electronic surveillance, institutional discipline and body-invasion. At
that point my bogus meter has completely red-lined. No professor of
anything can get onto national news media to troll like that and get
away with it. This guy must have implanted the wrong chip.

I'd post some URLs except they all seem to have vanished (?), so instead
I present to you a site on pranks: