Apple Data Detectors

Dave Long (
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 00:20:17 -0700

Any MacFoRKers with comments about Apple Data Detectors? (Mar 98 CACM: v.41 #3, p.96)

The WikiWikiWeb <> offers a similar experience,
at least in the sense of free-form context-sensitive linking.

A problem with "auto-linking" in NaviPress/NaviServer was that we never had a decent
database of content for suggested links, but Alexa might well have been a solution.

I guess given a text, we'd like to retrieve/generate the semantics from:
a) the author's context,
b) the viewer's context (proxy, process, or human),
c) arbitrary third-party contexts, and possibly even
d) collaborative contexts.

Might as well add it to the list of reports available from the FoRK management consultancy:
"Intrapreneurialism via Bricoleurism: Postmodernistically Puncturing the Productivity Paradox"