RE: academia and electronic publishing

Dave Long (
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 00:50:27 -0700

Well, L., I for one am curious about your Doing-URI-Right Rant. Given the examples
cited, the URLs-as-URNs school may have merit: a feature which may be confused
with location is actually only used to provide uniqueness for a key. If the "key" for a
reference need not even be meaningful, how far off would archieing for UUIDs be?

I'll vouch for dead trees - compare and contrast the MacWrite document from
some variety of Mac that dealt with single-density disks with a Gutenberg Bible
<>. One is suitable
(after removing the metal door) for use as a coffee-table coaster, the other is
legible, and to a certain degree, intelligible. (more difficult than texts in Europanto,
easier than Beowulf in the original)