LA v. Berkeley

Joe Barrera (
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 16:10:11 -0700

So what should I receive in the US mail yesterday but my CMU MS (only eight
years late...)

You know, sometimes I really miss CMU. Especially the Opinion Bboard:

> I am very fond of Berkeley. I think that while LA represents the dark,
twisted climb-the-water-tower-and-
> start-shooting-until-the-Marines-settle-it side of California weirdness,
Berkeley represents the very best of
> the pure, innocent-killer side of it all. The first weekend I ever spent
in Berkeley was in the summer of 1983.
> I was sitting down at one of those really delightful cafes you have out
there. To my left some old man was
> drinking cappuccino and practicing Chinese calligraphy; down the street
some undergraduates were engaged
> in a running firefight. I was taking it all in, thinking that Berkeleians
have remembered something about
> living well that the rest of America seems to have forgotten, when this
kid's stray .223 slug shattered my
> glass of pomegranate soda. "Crazy undergraduates" I remember chuckling to
myself as I put the safety back
> on my Hi-Power and returned it to its holster.