Re: ARTICLE: Despite the buzz, peer-to-peer startups lack business benefits

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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 11:07:39 PST

The intersection of bluetooth and wearables will make P2P T-shirts a
reality for some as early as this spring, and for many, well, whenever
the market catches up.


Jeffrey Kay wrote:
> Now there's a serious idea -- peer to peer tee-shirts.
> I think Napster is actually a pretty poor example of P2P. Napster has
> educated the greater community that P2P exists, but it really doesn't
> represent it because the value proposition of Napster is independent of the
> P2P infrastructure on which it runs. In all reality, Napster could have
> been just fine running as a single server farm with millions of connected
> users had there not been copyright law to circumvent.
> As you know, I'm solidly in the P2P camp, but right now everyone and their
> mother is claiming to be P2P because of all the attention that Napster is
> getting. Even AOL considers AIM to be P2P. (Reminds me of the early days
> when FTP purported to be the Web.) This something that companies like ours
> have to address in some serious fashion for P2P to become "legitimate".
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> business benefits
> In the Internet economy, a value has been placed on
> having access to people & building up a community. Given
> Napsters equation of a month or two ago, $800M/35M = about
> $22 per person of worth for every user. Now this "worth"
> doesn't live in a vacuum; if Napster started spamming their
> users and abusing their privacy, then I am sure this
> number would get down around the same worth as banner advertising
> or even spam mail.
> What other tech craze has been able to have so many people
> buy into it in such short amount of time? Independent of
> any P2P serious business benefits, there's a benefit to
> having access to that many "eyeballs".
> Hell, Napster could have made a couple of million a month
> selling t-shirts alone. That's pretty serious business for
> some.
> Greg
> Jeffrey Kay wrote:
> >
> > Interesting article indicating that P2P technology lacks serious business
> > benefits --
> >
> >,1643,8782,00.html
> > 

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