Top Business Software Companies By Revenue?

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From: Gordon Mohr (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 11:33:54 PST

Adam writes:
> Now to change the topic completely, I just realized that to be one of
> the Software Magazine's Top 500 Business Software Companies, one only
> needs annual revenues in excess of $1.6 million:
> Total revenues of the 500 companies is $208 billion. Nice chunk of change.
> To be in the Top 10 requires annual revenues in excess of $5 billion:

> Among the curiously missing: Interwoven, Micromuse, CrossWorlds, Art
> Technology Group, Talarian, Fiorano, Bowstreet, DataChannel, and AmIHotOrNot. :)

Add to that list: Vignette Software, which had $90 million in revenue
in CY1999 (~45% services), which would have put them at around #150 on
this list. (Vignette had $240mil in revenue through the first 3 quarters
of this calendar year.)

Looks like SoftwareMag was fairly careless in their selection of companies
to consider, and thus they have a list of the "Top 500 Business Software
Companies That We Remembered To Include", rather than a truly comprehensive
or authoritative list.

- Gordon

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