Re: Daily Brief, 8/28/96.

I Find Karma (
Thu, 29 Aug 96 02:50:43 PDT

> > Remind me why anyone would want to be in our armed forces?
> Hey, they're probably the only organization on earth that has the
> possibility of taking out Microsoft?
> (admittedly the odds are about 50-50)

Does Microsoft have its own army yet? Microsoft Militia (TM)?

> > For $23 million, *I* would marry the guy.
> And I'm sure he'd pay at least that much to divorce you. :-)

Hey, maybe I should hold out for more...

> > > Times reports Woods will sign 5-year, $40 million contract
> > > with Nike and 3-year, $3 million deal with Titleist.
> > Remind me why Nike thinks a golfer will inspire people to buy their
> > shoes?
> C'mon, I'm sure they have a line of golf shoes.

Worth $40 million though? Geez, that's more than Andre Agassi makes
from Nike, and HE'S dating Brooke Shields.

> > > * President Clinton yesterday proposed a $2.75 trillion children's
> > > literacy campaign, saying it would be paid for by cutting tax
> > > breaks for multinational companies.
> That's gotta be a typo. It probably is only millions. If he could
> raise 2.75 trillion that easily, we wouldn't have a budget deficit.

Yeah, it's billion, not trillion. Daily Brief seems to be a font of

But $2.75 billion still makes no sense, since it's targetting 3rd
graders who are ALREADY IN SCHOOL. Shouldn't they be learning to read
there???? What's this extra money going to be used for?

Further proof that the Democrat convention bites (as if my plummeting
Bob Dole shares weren't enough): Kenny G's "tribute" to Ron Brown. Man,
do I dislike Kenny G's music.

:) Adam