Daily Brief, 8/28/96.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Wed, 28 Aug 96 20:34:19 PDT

Excrpts from...

> * Israel announced yesterday that it has approved the building of
> a Jewish settlement in the West Bank.
> - Palestinian leaders are scheduled to meet today to discuss
> the issue.

Netanyahoo doesn't waste any time, does he?

> * The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe says it
> will delay municipal elections in Bosnia due to alleged Bosnian
> Serb attempts to manipulate voting.
> - the organization is charged with overseeing Bosnian elections.
> - national and state elections, including that for the
> presidency, will take place on Sept. 14, as scheduled.

September 14? This could still blow up in Clinton's face
before November then. Easily.

> * First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed the Democratic
> National Convention last night, receiving a warm reception
> from some 20,000 attending Democrats.
> - Mrs. Clinton's speech centered on child and family issues.

The sound bites from the speech as I heard them make her
sound like an out-and-out communist.

> * The New York Times reports today that the US government and
> military knew in 1991 that large numbers of US troops were
> exposed to chemical weapons during the Gulf War.
> - chemical weapons were stored in a large depot that was
> bombed, causing the chemicals to be released.

Remind me why anyone would want to be in our armed forces?

> * USA Today reports that a picture taken by Linda Kabot at the
> time of the explosion of TWA Flight 800 has revived theories
> that the plane was hit by a missile.
> - the photo apparently shows a cylindrical object, with one
> end aglow, streaking across the sky.

Right. We shot down our own TWA airplane so we could blame the Iranians
and have an excuse to bomb them. I believe that.

> * Death toll along road to Hindu worship site in Himalayas rose to
> 161 yesterday as more bodies were found.
> - road to holy cave was lashed by bitter winds and heavy
> downpours last week.

I guess the worshipped were not amused.

> * Divorce for Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Britain
> becomes final today.
> - Diana will reportedly receive $23 million settlement but
> loses title "Her Royal Highness."

For $23 million, *I* would marry the guy.

> * Local phone companies in California have presented FCC with
> studies saying Internet users should pay more for monthly
> service.
> - claim users are overtaxing phone networks.

If it costs more to join this club, what kind of demographic shift might
we see?

> * AltaVista Internet Software Inc. filed for initial public
> offering for up to $50 million of class A common shares
> yesterday.
> - is unit of Digital Equipment Corp.

How many people are involved with AltaVista now? I thought it was just
the two guys at SRC...

> * 20-year-old Stanford junior Tiger Woods announced yesterday
> that he will become a pro golfer.
> - will reportedly make him an instant millionaire as New York
> Times reports Woods will sign 5-year, $40 million contract
> with Nike and 3-year, $3 million deal with Titleist.

Remind me why Nike thinks a golfer will inspire people to buy their

> * President Clinton yesterday proposed a $2.75 trillion children's
> literacy campaign, saying it would be paid for by cutting tax
> breaks for multinational companies.

What does one do with $2.75 TRILLION dollars? Is this really
money well spent? If there are 27.5 million illiterates, this
comes out to $100,000 per person spent. Where is that money going?
Aren't people supposed to learn how to read in school, anyway?