Re: Daily brief

I Find Karma (
Thu, 29 Aug 96 12:25:30 PDT

> If you don't believe me just 1) listen to Load, 2) look at their "new look"
> 3) listen to load 4) listen to "Garage Days Revisited, Kill Them All, Master
> of Servents, And Justice for All."

While I admit that Metallica has matured in sound and style in the 1990s
(and hence their appearances on MTV, at Woodstock, and at Lollapalooza),
you have to respect them for changing DESPITE the fact that they made
great music before.

And though you are right that the raw sound the band evidenced in the
80s hasn't been duplicated since (not that Megadeth, Slayer, and Pantera
haven't tried... :), you have to admit that the "new" Metallica is still
echelons better than most rock bands out there.


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