More Morris. More, more, more!

Robert S. Thau (
Thu, 29 Aug 1996 16:37:46 -0400

the infamous "you needed that job..." ad which, by most accounts,
flat-out lied about his position on affirmative action.

Ummmm... make that "his *opponent's* position". But as long as I'm
correcting myself, an update: NPR went on to briefly summarize the
White House press conference, which, in a brief statement confirmed
that Morris did resign, and refused any comment on the truth of the
allegations, other than to say "consider the source". They did say
why Morris resigned though -- he is married, and wants to spare his
family an inquisition from the national press. Speaking for myself,
I can only sympathize -- being married to slime like Dick Morris is
probably trouble enough.

The same NPR show (a national talk show which was doing a political
humor segment -- once again, I am not making this up) had meanwhile
received a call from an actual Washington DC call girl who lent her
own unique perspective to the discussion. Specifically, she wanted
to know "exactly what [Morris] did, or perhaps didn't do, to earn
this kind of treatment from this woman", noting in passing that "we
have a pretty strict code of confidentiality in this business". As
strict, at least, one imagines, as that which prevails in policial